Naaman – Bones

“Telling a Story through Art”

Bones has completely devoted himself to the arts and has much skill with staffs, sword, palm/foot candles, and fire breathing! He also enjoys performing on the Trapeze and plans to learn more aerial arts.

A Wichita local with multiple talents that is constantly working on his skills. A younger member of Phlox and is ever-expanding his horizons in many art forms.

Naaman was a music theater major at WSU and uses his knowledge of dance to keep the audience wowed. With backgrounds in circus performance, martial arts, balancing acts and contortion he creates amazing visuals for any crowd to enjoy.

Not sure about fire? Naaman also has a passion for LED art with staff and gloves! Coining the name “LEDemon”, and with his goofy personality, he is sure to light up a room with his unique style.