Sher – Mover and Shaker – The Glitter

Sher has been in the arts for more than a decade and is ever shifting in his style. He recently had to take a long hiatus due to some physical issues, but now he is back and with passion.

The Fire Performer Elliptical is currently the booking contact for Phlox and has been hammering away at some new tools. He is very passionate in what he does and tends to thrill the audience with his antics and movements.


From complete gamer to performing artist, the transition was slow and steady. In his spare time he practices a lot of yoga, which over time will only improve the power of the shows. 

His strongest tools are Contact staff and Fire Poi. He practices regularly and is always seeking ways to improve his abilities. Elliptical has been on many stages as a fire performer and is always interested in expanding his resume.

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