Phlox Fire

2020 and 2021 were challenging, here is to a beautiful and bright 2022! LET’S BRING IT! Yes, we are booking!

Need party entertainment for your event? YOU GOT IT!

We are a troupe of Fire Performers based in Wichita Kansas with a passion for our art and an eagerness to travel. Our Fire performances have been dazzling crowds for nearly a decade! Most of the tools we use are considered to be part of an ever evolving craft called Flow Art, which some of us have take to the next level to become professional Fire Performers. These props include Poi, Hula Hoops, Staff, Dragon Staff, Parasol, Fans, Rope Dart and even some Fire Eating and Fire Breathing!

This is still a fairly young type of performance art that derived from old traditions, but its continuing to grow and be recognized throughout the world. We are a very versatile group with many talents! Feel free to roam the page, get to know the performers, catch a glimpse of what we do, and find out where to catch us next!

We service the greater Wichita area, Kansas City, St. Louis and more! Contact us for a quote today! We also offer DJ and lighting service!

Phlox is available for any type of event you can conjure, including, but not limited to:

  • Concerts and Live Music events

  • Business Events / Parties

  • Media Promotions

  • Themed Events

  • Private Parties

  • Public Events

  • Conventions

  • DJ’d events

  • Weddings

  • Festivals

  • Retreats

  • Parades

  • Parties

  • Anything Else! Contact us here!

Licensed and Insured

  • Fire Performers – Fire Dancers – Fire Performer – Fire Dancer – Fire Eater – Fire Breather – Wichita, Kansas