Friday With Phlox

*Stay tuned for new on 2022

Come join us in Old Town Square (in front of the Old Town Warren by the fountains) every Final Friday from March through September for a dazzling display of fire, dance and art. We gather at dusk and perform for approximately four hours.


Our troupe specializes in all flow arts including, but not limited to: Poi, Hoops, Staves, Fans, and Fire Breathing!!

Groovy tunes with our resident DJ Karetaker!!!

This is a kid friendly event, but for their safety and ours please mind the LED perimeter and enjoy the show from a safe distance BEHIND the ropes!

Lastly, if you feel so inclined to tip the performers, know it is MUCH appreciated! Your tips go straight back into the show, keeping this going for hopefully years to come!

Note for the performers:
– Performers must attend required safety meeting and be cleared by Phlox members to perform/safety.
– Fuel is provided through Phlox and will be applied and squeezed in our designated fueling area by our Fuel Attendant.
– Show up for tool check at least 30 minutes PRIOR to performance, not right before. A Phlox performer will check everyone’s tools on site.
– There MUST be at least 4 parameter safeties before you perform!
– Last, but not least, have fun!